We Fathers are guided by 4 basic understandings.

1st.   That we want our children to have a better life than what we have had.

2nd.    That our children will learn from us by by copying who we are, how we Act and react. They will simply absorb our positive or negative characteristics. We are their example.

Next, We need to be a good example for our children by eliminating our resentment, anger and blaming ways.

Finally, We are Fathers, who help other Fathers, be better Fathers.  We are stronger together. We give to others what we need for ourselves.

We are an organization of Fathers who have learned, through studies, conversation, and advice, a better way to be a good Father. We have struggled, cried, have felt regret, experienced fear and anxiety.  But through it all, we are learning to be a Father that understands the needs and wants of our family. As the Father, we need to learn that giving to our family what we need for ourselves is understanding, appreciation and respect that will create a strong bond.

If your hopes for a close, loving family are fading, began anew. Join us, study, learn and become the Father you want and can be. Improve and change yourself, be the better example for your children. For whoever you are, however you act and react will be what your children will become. You are their example for better or worst.

Let the Fathering Begin